bravvo perth engineered stone kitchen counter-top
January 21, 2020

5 Reasons to Choose an Engineered Stone Benchtop

What is an Engineered Stone Benchtop?


Popular for kitchens, bathrooms and other uses such as splashbacks and fireplaces, engineered stone benchtops are manufactured from man-made stone slabs. The slabs are made with 95% natural quartz aggregates that are bound together with polymer resins and pigments. Here we take a look at five of the top reasons why so many builders and homeowners choose engineered stone benchtops.


The combination of quartz – which is one of the world’s strongest stone substances – with the specially designed resin makes for a slab and surface which are built for the long term. The slabs are resistant to cracking and heat and are easy to work with. Engineered stone is robust enough to handle transportation and the demands of installation on your site.

Scratch, Chip, and Stain Resistance

Naturally, you want your kitchen or bathroom’s “as new” look to last. You can rest easy in the knowledge that engineered stone has superior scratch, chip and stain resistance performance to alternatives such as marble. It’s an ideal solution for the demands of any kitchen – the combination of quartz and high-performance polymers readily stands up to the clatter of pots and pans and the inevitable spills, that go with the territory. Coffee, wine, vinegar – you name it, engineered stone handles it all.

Versatile Range of Colours and Designs

The versatility of engineered stone means that fitting in with the design and décor of your home or project is a breeze. Professional designers looking for high-end finishes know that engineered stone comes in a huge range of colours and styles, including marble and granite finishes which blend the best of both worlds by providing a natural finish with all the strength and durability benefits of engineered stone.

Low Maintenance

Engineered stone benchtops are virtually maintenance-free. Unlike other benchtop materials such as marble and granite, engineered stone doesn’t need regular resealing to keep it looking fresh and new. A regular clean with your normal kitchen or bathroom products is all that’s required.


Engineered stone solutions are often cheaper than natural stone alternatives. Add to this the absence of ongoing maintenance costs and the peace of mind that comes with long warranty cover, and engineered stone benchtops become a very attractive investment option.

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