Beautiful Walls

At Bravvo, we offer a wide variety of stone wall tiles in original designs, including collections with reliefs, wood or metal effects, available at our Perth showroom.

Our large format sheeting for marble, stone and porcelain combine all the beauty of natural stone finishes with the ability to fully customise the edge profiles and more. Using state-of-the-art computer-controlled robotics, our stonemasons can create the most opulent feature stone perfect for all your wall cladding or splashback needs, right here in our Malaga factory. Having access to this leading technology has allowed us to provide precise cutting on each stone tile, ensuring we can meet all your specific requirements.

An attractive range of decorative profiles has also been developed to help add a more distinctive and bespoke hallmark to wall tiles. Allowing us to achieve a unique, quality finish in any room of your home.

Quality Stone Tiles & Wall Cladding in Perth Homes & Businesses

Whether you’re wanting a feature stone wall, natural stone wall cladding or a marble splashback, our Perth team are available right here in our Malaga showroom to help and provide advice on what design or pattern will work best for your needs. We can offer services for all rooms in your home including the kitchen, bathroom and living areas. We can create the most incredible finishes for you across a range of services including:

  • External natural stone wall cladding
  • Internal stone cladding
  • Stone and marble splashbacks
  • Feature stone walls and cladding

To simplify things, we’ve identified our tiles into two categories which are the most important to consider when thinking about your next wall tile project.


Clean and simple stone wall tiles such as gloss white wall tiles and light-coloured polished porcelain tiles are very practical options for many bathrooms and laundries. In small rooms, these tiles can make the area look bigger and brighter.

Paired with one of our suitable edge profiles, we can customise your tiles to creates a seamless appearance of continual tiles on your wall.


In recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase of decorative tiles as ideas and inspiration are now driven by new technology. This allows manufacturers and fabricators to create bespoke and custom designs with ceramic and porcelain tiles. They add a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to rooms while maintaining the essence of a classical look.

Distinctive stone tiles and large areas of wall cladding in various natural stone or porcelain products can create impact statements in all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings that are sure to impress your clients and staff alike. The possibilities are virtually as endless as your imagination, so think outside the square, let your creativity run riot and get back to us with your wildest ideas. If you’re looking for quality stone tiles in Perth, Bravvo can produce high quality outcomes in projects ranging from retail fit outs, restaurants, external/ internal cladding.

Our brand promise:


Seamless integration of all our products mean that your customised kitchen solutions will be delivered with perfection.


Our world class stonemasons can work with builders, architects and directly with homeowners to ensure that even the most challenging projects are carefully crafted with the perfect finish.


Our highly trained stonemasons possess the experience and skills to ensure that your products are handled with care and the ultimate craftsmanship.

We offer state-of-the art water jet profile cutting technology and services, giving you the benefit of precision cuts for all types of materials.