When it comes to choosing materials for wet areas – whether it’s a commercial restroom or residential bathroom, it’s important to consider both the aesthetics and performance characteristics.

A Bravvo team member will work with you to ensure that the product you select is suitable for your chosen space or design. Whether you’re after residential or commercial bathroom countertops, tiles or any other application, trust Bravvo to provide you with a high quality project to create a beautiful modern bathroom.

The tiles often set the theme for a bathroom design whether it is as a plain canvas or a striking visual impact. The variety of choice available to you can be overwhelming so it’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed. That’s where our team of expert staff will work with you to discover the best styles, colours, finishes, patterns, sizes to suit your beautiful new bathroom.

Before you begin to consider colour and styles, it’s important to know which materials will be best suited for your new project. We want to make we’ve considered every element of your project so that we can work with you to find customised solutions that will finish your project with perfection and precision – meaning you save time and money – because we know the client always comes first.

When choosing products for your bathroom project, the key factors we’ll be consulting you on:

Aesthetics: Shape, size colour, pattern, texture etc.
Resilience: Impact, wear and water resistance
Safety: Slip resistance & hygiene
Ease of care: Surface texture, tile and grout size, maintenance

Why not visit our showroom or book your specialised appointment with one of the Bravvo team and together we can create a beautiful bathroom that you will enjoy for years to come.

If you’re looking for the best bathroom benchtops Perth has to offer, look no further than Bravvo. We strive to provide the best bathroom renovation services in the industry. Whether your bathroom project is big or small, new or being renovated, you can count on Bravvo to deliver you your new bathroom with perfection, possibilities and precision – that’s our promise to you.