Perth’s industry leader Bravvo will work with you to ensure your new marble, porcelain or stone floor is flawless. We are strong believers in creating flow and unity through the home and will make sure that your tiles outdoor, aesthetically match your flooring indoors or wherever you’re looking to add the Bravvo finish in your home.

We offer an extensive range of Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone, in thousands of colours and textures, durable and made to last.

Our team are here to help give you the advice for your project. Many of our tiles are available in a variety of sizes, which mean you can lay them in different patterns and angles. We can also advise on the best adhesives and grouts for each product, all of which are available in store.

When choosing products for your flooring project, the key factors we’ll be consulting you on:

  • Aesthetics: Shape, size colour, pattern, texture etc.
  • Hardness: Impact, wear and water resistance
  • Safety: Slip resistance & hygiene
  • Ease of care: Surface texture, tile and grout size, maintenance

Our brand promise:


Seamless integration of all our products mean that your customised kitchen solutions will be delivered with


Our world class stonemasons can work with builders, architects and directly with homeowners to ensure that even the most challenging projects are carefully crafted with the perfect finish.


Our highly trained stonemasons possess the experience and skills to ensure that your products are handled with care and the ultimate craftsmanship.

We offer state-of-the-art water jet profile cutting technology and services, giving you the benefit of precision cuts for all types of materials.

Our extensive range of floor tiles – including marble tiles, porcelain tiles and  or stone – will be carefully crafted to suit your project.

At Bravvo, our experienced team of quality stonemasons have years of experience and expert knowledge in stone and porcelain fabrication and installation – so visit us in our showroom or reach out today to find out why the Bravvo are the best in the business.