October 1, 2020

Bravvo Press Release : 25 Year Anniversary

The inflatable furniture of the 1990s, the shabby chic McMansions of the 2000s, and the Scandinavian-minimalism of the 2000s can teach us one thing: style is ever changing. Therefore, what a home-renovator or property developer looks for in a benchtop is constantly changing, sometimes aligning with or differing from current style trends.

The 1990s saw the incorporation of black granite and stainless steel benchtops, often complementing dark wooden cabinets. However, as we move from the 2000s, into present day 2020, styles have changed towards lighter coloured finishes. White and grey tones have persisted as the dominant choice for benchtops. However, interior design experts say that 2020 marks a new period of ‘anything goes’, so that styles from the past, especially from the 1970s and 1980s, are making a resurgence.

However, the element of interior design that has always been trending, is the desire for quality. Homeowners want their benchtops to be manufactured and installed with precision and longevity. Benchtops often take the brunt of activity in the house, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, their need for durability is crucial.

Homeowners and property developers in Perth are therefore turning to companies with a reputation for high-end quality. For example, the stonemason company, Bravvo.

Bravvo is the outstanding stonemason when it comes to the desire for quality, as they have proven their professionalism as a leading provider of stone benchtops for 25 years. Bravvo originated in 1995 by a family of stonemasons. Understanding the heritage and tradition of stonemasonry, the family’s enduring vision for the company is for it to provide quality, precision and perfection in every stone benchtop.

On the capabilities of his company, Bravvo director Colin Casella states:

“Our extensive experience within the domestic, commercial and retail industries mean that when a client comes to us for any project, they are confident that we will produce the absolute best result for them. We are very proud of our reputation of expert craftsmanship and we look forward to continuing to provide high-quality services to our valued clients for many years to come.”

Since their origin in 1995, Bravvo has been an extremely popular choice in Perth for the selection of benchtops.  This is due to many factors, including the fact that they offer clients a wide variety of benchtop options, such as engineered stone, porcelain and natural stone, with honed or polished finishes. In addition to this, Bravvo utilises innovative, environmentally-friendly waterjet cutting technology to cut the stones and porcelain. This not only allows for a heightened level of precision in cutting the stone, it allows for safe working environments for their employees. It is extremely efficient and helpful to the time restraints of a project. This factor is especially appreciated amongst the time pressures of large commercial projects that Bravvo has worked within.

This is displayed in their recognition of several industry awards, and their ability to contribute to the community by supporting The Australian Institute of Architecture: WA Chapter and sponsoring the WA Australian Architecture awards.

From the original concepts and designs to the manufacturing and final installation, Bravvo has shown that it covers it all bases from beginning to end. They have proven their reputation for ensuring the client ends up with a first-class finish. Bravvo aims to make sure that their clients are completely satisfied at the end of a job, which is why they deliver such great service and continue to be the best stonemasons in Perth.

As the imaginations of interior designs continue to drive the dynamism of style, quality will always be in fashion. Whatever the style requirement, Bravvo can provide an efficient, beautifully rendered solution. It seems that for Bravvo, 25 years of impeccable work is only the beginning.

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