Beautiful Outdoor

You could completely transform your outdoors by using our fantastic range of marble, stone or porcelain for your outdoor area options.

Consider feature wall cladding for the facade of your Perth home to create a backyard water feature or a beautiful stone feature wall for an outdoor area. Whether you’re looking to create an outdoor feature wall at the front or rear of your home, our selection offers you a variety of styles to help you realise your ultimate design.

If you have a structure that frames your front porch, or a solid external wall that assists in supporting your verandah or patio – then you have an ideal wall space that you could decorate with stone veneers. In addition to a stone tile feature wall, you could also create elegant water features to either enhance your garden or accompany a pool area.

Alternatively, the walls surrounding your windows or garage door could be the perfect spot to add a touch of natural stone – we will listen to you to create the outdoor projects of your dreams. As you picture your potential design, make sure you consider how it will harmonise with the rest of the house. Sometimes you may benefit from thinking outside to box to ensure you consider all of the potential design ideas for your exterior feature.

Because our natural stone and porcelain tiles come in an array of colours, textures and materials they can be use for a variety of outdoor projects but you will need to consider variable elements before making your decision. We recommend meeting with one of our specialists in our showroom. Click here to arrange your personalised visit so we can work with you for the perfect finish on your project or renovation.

In addition to using the best suited materials, exterior applications require special attention to details such as sealing, drainage, waterproofing and flashing – this is where the experts at Bravvo can offer you the level of perfection that sets us apart from other stonemasons and fabricators in Perth.

When choosing products for your outdoor project, the key factors we’ll consulting with you on include:

  • Aesthetics: Shape, size colour, pattern, texture etc.
  • Hardness: Impact, wear and water resistance
  • Safety: Slip resistance & hygiene
  • Ease of care: Surface texture, tile and grout size, maintenance