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Naturally occurring stones are formed through a combination of heat and pressure over the course of millions of years. Many combinations of location, heat and pressure over the years ensures that every piece of natural stone is unique in colour, pattern and texture. Natural stone has been popular for hundreds of years due to the beauty and simplicity of the products available.

Bravvo has a compilation of natural stone materials that will suit any purpose and aesthetic. Our experienced team of stonemasons have the expertise to deliver long-lasting and eye-catching cuts of natural stone to improve the look, feel and function of homes and businesses throughout Perth.

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For centuries marble has been synonymous with class, beauty and sophistication, providing a spectacular visual aesthetic in any setting. Durable, Marble can withstand a wide range of damage to ensure the material remains both visually appealing and functional for years to come.  Marble’s unique features and aesthetic is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.


A popular material used for kitchens around Australia, Granite has many unique benefits thanks to its beauty and hard-wearing nature. Granite is perfect for kitchen benchtops due to being heat and stain resistant and coupled with strength and long-term durability.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of calcite and formed in the ocean thousands of years ago. It often features displays of remaining shells and corals in its patterns from ocean debris when it was being formed. Limestone often displays hues of soft ivory, to subtly browns and greys which offer soft, earthy tones to all spaces. A soft stone, Limestone is often used internally with some Limestones for outdoor use.


The hardest of natural stones, Quartzite is highly durable, thick and long-lasting. The high-quality nature of Quartzite makes it suitable for both internal and external use depending on type. Quartzite comes in a wide variety of unique colours and veining, matched with its many benefits makes it the ideal kitchen bench top material.


Onyx is a calcareous material that is extremely variable with a very fine grain and heavy veining. Onyx varies greatly and one slap might contain dozens of colours. Onyx often has strikingly dramatic colours and patterns making it perfect as a feature stone in a room. A naturally translucent stone, Onyx is a favourite in commercial spaces because it can be backlit to show its natural beauty.


Travertine is a calcite stone that has been formed in riverbeds and hot springs, it’s characterised by the many holes and chambers throughout the stone. Travertine varies in colour from dusty white to silver-grey to gold coral red and toffee, the natural colours will not fade over time. Travertine is suitable for both interior and exterior use due to it’s versatility and reliability.
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